What is not common

is the well treatment

of a teacher.

Most people

these days

are blind

of the effort

and dedication

teachers invest for them.


It is wrong

to treat them


when all they

want to do

is to create

a good future

for you.

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Source: Gifer

There are indeed

some teachers

who should not

be praised

but the teachers

who possesses

quality characteristics

should be respected deeply.


The thing is,

not even the

good quality

teachers are

well treated.


Obey your teacher,

speak to them respectfully

like to your mother and father.


Treat them well.

Don’t be unappreciative

of the good things

they have done for you.


That is not a good quality

to possess.

Such quality is

disgusting and inhumane.


Treat your teacher well,

they are one of the reasons

of your success.

What motivated me to write this post was how students treated my tutor for my Operations class. I am glad that I treated my tutor well. They are like our parents, unconditional and caring. I remember my mathematics teacher, offering to stay in school just to help me for my classwork. Unconditional and kind hearts!
This post is dedicated to Mr Hussein and Ms Arora, who are knowledgeable teachers who definitely are worthy of recognition in the blogging community.  It is such dedicated individuals that help colour the lives of pupils. Treating the worthy well is a compulsory duty of all pupils.

I hope this post inspired you to treat your teacher better and appreciate their existence more!

Kind regards, Doni


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