Have you given a small animal food before? For example, ants, birds, bugs? I hope you haven’t killed them instead! :O Size does not matter, small animals are animals and value life as much as you do.

One cannot be recalled a decent human if they destroy the lives of other beings, despite size or kind . They all have a conscious and experience pain.  They live, they desire and they need to eat too! We are not the only being who should have a peaceful life, that thought itself is selfish.

Here is a inspirational bug story;

One day, in my bedroom there was a small bug – not a fly but something small with some wings! It has been in my bedroom for a while and I thought it could be hungry/thirsty. So I placed a small drop of water on top of my cupboard which was close to the flying bug.

Can’t remember exactly but eventually I saw the flying bug land on the water and I was worried if it was drowning but guess what? It was drinking from that small drop of water! How cute is that?! Poor buggy! I felt so happy when I saw that! You guys should do that too! Be more compassionate towards beings, size shouldn’t be a factor to discriminate the value of a being. Any living being should be treated fairly ❤

Originally Published on the 18th of September, 2017.


      1. That is so true! This body which we ‘call ours’ can be compared to a rented house! We make it satisfy it while we are in it but we cannot have it forever, it is subject to change, death and decay!


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