Treat your mother well. Don’t remember her only on mother’s day when you should remember her everyday and ensure she is alright regularly. She took care of you when you couldn’t take care of yourself. Those who don’t take care of their parents are likely to forget the dedication and sacrifices their parents have done to them in the past.

Your mother – she protected you from evil. She carried you in her womb for months, despite the discomfort she experienced. She sacrificed her beauty for you – when a mother gives birth to a baby, the process changes the mother’s appearance. Treating her poor – is that your form of thank you for all these sacrifices she did to you? You should be guilty but you have the opportunity to try again – treat her well now. Before it is too late…

Most people were too late. Don’t make a mistake most people have done in the past and regret it for the rest of your life. Treat your mother well NOW. She is worth all the respect, all the love and all the luxury more than the people who claim to love you. A mother’s love cannot be compare to anyone else. Unconditional and real.


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