They didn’t treat me well.

Even when I thought

I did nothing wrong.

What I remember doing

was being quiet.

Sometimes I ponder

what did I do

to get disliked this much.


No answer can be found

apart from assumptions.


Could it be triggered

due to jealousy?

But why would

they be jealous

of me?


Guess sometimes

you don’t need

a reason to be

jealous of someone.


Regardless of their

mean actions done to me

I try to be kind

and wish them

all the best for the future.


Holding on to hatred

will not cure hatred.

Hatred will be cured

with loving kindness.


We should not fight evil

with evil but with good.

Fighting back I believe

gives no peace

but sorrow.


I to be honest,

cannot forget

the things they did to me.

They are like scars,

mental scars

hard to hide.


But I have to strive,

to destroy my hatred.

To destroy all negative

thoughts for the benefit

of myself and others.

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