Parents did many sacrifices for their children.

Such sacrifices cannot be valued in money.

Money is just a piece of paper which you exchange for a material possession.

Sacrifices cannot be rewind, redone or replaced.

Most children treat ill to their parents, when they have all the qualifications of honour and respect.

Most children send their parents to nursing homes where parents experience the highest torture – depression.

They think it is ‘normal’ to send parents to nursing homes.

Although it is common in society today, it doesn’t suggest it is MORALLY UPRIGHT nor the human way.

Is this how we thank our parents?

Do we know how to thank them properly?

Why do certain people who come into the lives of children become more important than parents?

Before anyone came to your life, your parents were there first.

Remember that. Else you will regret after you parents leave this world.

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