We all have bad habits that need to be avoided and what’s even worse is that sometimes we don’t know they’re bad for us.

Sure simple things like nail biting and that are bad habits but what are habits that we have you avoid in order to live a healthy and happy life. Here’s 5 that stand out the most to me.

1. Being late. This is one that I actually find difficult to do so myself but I’m defiantly working on it. Being late is, yes, rude but also inconvenient for yourself. It includes missing out on important things, whether it be meetings or classes or a coffee date. You’ll also waste other peoples time, sometimes some things can’t start without you, that means that everyone has to hold back and wait just for you. There is no such thing as arriving fashionably late. This all affects your health as you’re stressed and unprepared.

2. Leaving things to the last minute. This ones challenging for many of us as it’s not considered a habit but in all truth it is. Have you realised you ever leave your homework to the last day or your presentation one day before the meeting. Well then you know that it’s literally exhausting. It means not being organised and not spending 100% on your task since you have to rush it. Instead if you plan ahead and be proactive, life becomes a whole lot easier.

3. Being Negative. We all sometimes feel down and help but look at anything negatively and in a bad way but some more than others. If you’re someone who gives up easily or has a negative mind set, e.g. the glass is half empty… Then it’s time to stop! If you’re negative often your mind gets used to it as a habit and makes it normal. Life becomes sad and boring and you begin to stop enjoying your day. So whenever you’re about to be negative just think and say to yourself, how could I turn the situation around to positive and then you’re sorted. It’s harder than it sounds but with perseverance it defiantly doable. 🙂

4. Stop complaining about what you don’t have. Instead focus on what you do have. It’s human nature to want what you don’t have but when you’re about to gloat over it or complain, try to think about what you do have. Be grateful for what’s already there and maybe if it helps start a gratitude journal.

5. Take care of your own body. It’s soooo important to love and take good care of your body. This means grooming yourself, eating good food, accepting compliments and etc. Everyone is self conscious about something about their body but I think it’s time we stop. We are all beautiful and special so we need to love ourselves and appreciate ourselves. Once we do that we’ll immediately feel better xx.

Thank you so much guys for reading, I really hope this helped for you in some way. This was Doni and I’s collab on healthy living. She wrote a blog post on my blog and I wrote this once on hers, go check out my blog and her post…

MintParadise xx Dina


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