We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give”

Winston Churchill 

It is not easy to give. Not everyone does it.

Giving is technically releasing your desire for something and giving it to someone who may benefit from it.

For me, when I give I do have those second thoughts – “Should I?” but my positiveness usually takes over and release greed to the object I decide to give away. I am working on it. I believe by keeping we accumulate nothing, well at least mental purification. By giving we contribute to something big which we will experience the fruits one day.

I shared a quote similar to what I just talked about last week on my instagram;


I am not rich but I try to give. It makes me feel good and those who I give to. If I kept something instead of giving it, I won’t feel that happy compared to me giving it to someone.

But anyway… Moving on, I will now share with you my little act of kindness which I did last Monday (16th of April 2018). On Monday, I went to the shopping mall which was conveniently located near my university. I had to walk a couple of metres to get to the mall. I brought my moms’s favorite croissant at a nice bakery, a Happy Cow cheese and a box of gum from a grocery shop. Pretty random yeah?

I had a tutorial on the day and was already late for it. I finally decided to exit the mall and walked back to uni. On my way, I saw a young man sitting in front of the staircase with some coins on the floor near him. He had no shirt which was awkward. It was a hot day so that’s probably why.

I felt empathy for me and decided to stop and check my wallet. I had some loose cash on me and I decided to give it to him. There was a fair amount of coins and when I placed them where the man’s coins were, he was surprised and thanked me. I guess he didn’t expect people to give him that much of coins, it was more than four coins I think.

I told him that I am sorry that I couldn’t give him more but he was very appreciative. I won’t say what he said because it ain’t appropriate! But technically he was surprised and was muttering how surprised he was! I probably made his day!

Look. I just gave a young man some coins and that already made him happy! Imagine when I give someone more than that e.g. house? Such small action can make someone happy! We all should strive to give, quantity won’t matter – what matters is the intention and act. I wish I had more money on me and I would definitely give it to him. This motivates me to get a job so that I can help others more.

Have you done something similar? Share it below and hopefully it inspires someone to do a good deed too!

Bye (for now)



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