Can we just think for a moment. Is my body beautiful? What is beautiful about ‘my’ body? If you think your eyes are beautiful, may I see them in their individual form – that is, you take your eyeball out and place them on your palms? Let’s see, a white ball with some circles in the middle. The texture? Pretty watery! Very squishy…

Just like a garbage bag, there is nothing pleasant about this body.  To say this body is beautiful, one must be blind of the reality of this body.

The Body is a garbage collector. The body contains all types of matter; worms, blood, sweat, vessels, smelly breath, rotten food, chemicals, traces of dead animals, fluids, organs, feces, bones and list stretches for more.

If you take out any of the above – would you put it back into your body. No because it’s disgusting. You are actually calling yourself disgusting because what’s ever inside is YOU.

The wise do not get depressed when realizing the reality of this body, what they do is – they understand and lose greed for their bodies due to its impermanent and disgusting nature. We all will depart one day, this body will remain. Hence why have attachment for it? You are wasting time.

Originally Published on the 18th of April, 2018.


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