Losing a loved one is painful.

Losing wealth is sorrowful.


Losing mentality is horrible.

Losing right view is detrimental.

Losing effort is terrible.


Losing what we desire is emotional.

Losing everything is unbelievable.


Loss cannot be avoided,

it is everywhere

even if you hide in the shadows.


The wise understands this reality

and removes all desire

to existence

as existence means birth,

means loss,

means suffering,

means tears,

means separation,

means sorrow.


There are,

however instances

of happiness and luxury,

but the wise knows

that such happiness

and luxury

is impermanent

and not worth attaching to.

Originally Published on the 22nd of January, 2018.


    1. That’s really good Sifar! I need to be more minimalist too! When the mind does not push or pull, it will experience peace. Attachment is a pull force, we try to associate with things we like the most! Indeed loss is painful 😦

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