Hi guys! Most of you know that I recently started uploading videos on my youtube channel which is focused on inspirational, lifestyle and study videos. I would like to create a Question & Answer video where you comment below some questions you would like me to answer and I will answer them through a video on my channel.

Before you comment your questions, please read the following;

  • Make sure your questions are not racist, inappropriate, personal e.g. “Doni, how much do you weigh?!” A  better question could be “What ethics do you follow?”
  • Just to let you know, I am no expert. I am just a goofy business student. My opinions and views may not collide with yours.
  • This Q&A is just for fun, interaction and opinion.
  • There is no guarantee all questions will be answered, only the questions I select will be answered.

Comment away and hope you are having a productive week!

Bye (for now)


Originally Published on the 9th of February, 2018.


      1. Hi Garima! 🙂
        When you asked “What your future plans? What you do job or business?” – do you mean, what is my future plan – to do business or do a job? Is that what you meant? Sorry just need to clarify 😉


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