If you are with a angry person, avoid them because their anger makes them unconscious in some degree hence can do anything without thinking clearly.

Flee! Else you will get burnt from their anger! Anger is indeed like fire, it burns wherever it catches fire.

Originally Published on the 4th of February, 2018.


  1. Thats why we need to relate to count for ten before we behave wrongly ahead of time. Ten seconds is enough to collect data from the forebrain part for how response for specific action. I read this information from an essay it was posted in train your brain journal for controlling and anger negative emotions and to go through managing it. Managing them, it does not mean ” suppressing” emotions. But it is about how to avoid big negative consequences. Great strike. And thanks fir the reminder doni

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    1. Indeed Mr Hussein! Counting to ten is a great method, shame people do not do it or remember to do it! Really? That’s so interesting how the brain works. Thank you for your meaningful comment, Mr Hussein! 🙂 You are a teacher to your students in your country and the pupils around wordpress!

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