Mr Hussein Allam recently wrote a long meaningful comment on one of my posts and thought it is indeed worthy of community recognition! Below is his comment;

Whenever someone lies, the truth will rise to the surface. Because the lie has a short rope. As i believe, The ice melts and the truth begins to appear. It is the truth, nothing could be better than saying the truth, if we look for a perpetual comfort, fake and dishonesty destroy the peace of mind, when skeptical thoughts come to mind, waiting for it may break the lie and break up your peace of mind, finally lie is just a temporary comfort. Doni

Hope everyone is well, free from viruses!

Bye (for now)



  1. Hey Doni! It was such nice of you to display this comment in your blog. Much appreciated! Keep going on, Miss Doni! 😉 all of your blog posts are real and apt to the conditions where we live right now. Thats why i keep looking onto your site constantly, just for having a fresh look and widen my intuitive about whats going on. You do great in spreading the good vibes around the world. And thanks for the good vibes too, dear Doni! 😉

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    1. It is my pleasure, Mr Hussein. Your comment was meaningful and thought people in my blog should know about it! Wow thank you so much for your very nice comment, Mr Hussein! 😀 Your comment makes me positive! 🙂

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