This body we call ours,

is full of

unpleasant contents.








and the list can go on.


Would it be correct

to call this body

a bag of feces?


A walking one in fact?

If the contents

of this body

is not unpleasant,

how is it pleasant?

Does the contents smell

like fragrance?


If so, why is there

a need for a

fragrance industry?


Many questions

to be asked

yet limited answers.


The contents of this body

is not pleasant

even in smell

yet we get so

attached to it

to the point

we treat it like gold.


When it in reality,

it doesn’t even smell

nicer than the element gold.


I believe,

the wise understands

this nature of this body

and loses attachment

realising its

impermanent nauture.


Developing extreme greed

to a impermanent thing

is not a wise thing to do.


We all have to leave this world

and getting attached to this

body which we have to leave behind

will make departing this world

a hard task.

Originally Published on the 16th of January, 2018

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