There is no benefit of a lie. Say the truth and you’ll be able to seek the truth.


  1. Whenever someone lies, the truth will rise to the surface. Because the lie has a short rope. As i believe, The ice melts and the truth begins to appear. It is the truth, nothing could be better than saying the truth, if we look for a perpetual comfort, fake and dishonesty destroy the peace of mind, when skeptical thoughts come to mind, waiting for it may break the lie and break up your peace of mind, finally lie is just a temporary comfort. Doni

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    1. Bravo! Great paragraph of wisdom, Mr Hussein! Indeed falsehood is short lived and is harmful to oneself and others. Best to say the truth than wasting one’s time and words on false speech.

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      1. Very true, you have just nailed well, it is all about short lived lie, as it will be harmful to oneself, after the truth get shown and at the end it will be so embarrassing to oneself who did these bad deed. It is not worthy to put ourselves in the wrong place. 🙂

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      1. Saw it and put my comment over there, i am really flattered by your great response, as well as i am pleased to show your kindness and take as a positive part to posted in your blog, i am so grateful for your kind reaction towards the comment, thank you for being you, Miss Doni!

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