Yesterday I was waiting for my sibling to finish work at the hospital. We were waiting in the car. It was past 11pm and as usual, there were limited people around the hospital parking area and entrance. I was sitting in the backseat, looking at my surroundings.

A long hospital van pulled in and from what I remember it said something like ‘Patient Transport’ something. I am not quite sure but those two words was definitely written on it. Two people, ambulance staff, came out of the van and they walked to the back of the van and started to unload which I assumed a patient trolley. I was expecting to see a patient on the trolley.

From what I’ve seen so far, all patients transported in trolleys have their face not covered.  But that wasn’t the case this time. As the ambulance staff pushed the trolley towards the entrance of the hospital, I saw something – covered in something white, which I assume to be white cloth. The figure on the trolley was small, close to half the length of the long trolley. The figure was covered up, from head to toe. I couldn’t see the face, because it was covered in cloth too.

The sight itself wasn’t pleasant because although I don’t want to accept it, I think that figure covered in white cloth is a patient who has passed away. Judging by the size of the figure, it must be a child patient. It was such a sad sight.

I mean I know death happens everywhere in the world but to see someone dead from your own bare eyes, is just shocking. Yes the body was covered in cloth and I couldn’t see the body properly but seeing the way it was, still made me feel weird.

When my sibling arrived, I asked them if they saw that patient and they said no. I told them what I saw and they said it is likely that person (child) on the trolley had passed away, probably on the way to the hospital. It doesn’t make sense if the patient was alive because of the fact that the patient was covered from head to toe. I don’t know but I just hope, it wasn’t a dead body 😦

This was honestly a reality check. It moved me. It got me thinking that night, even after I came home and was in my bedroom. Being in my room all the time, stuck in blogging, social media and study, it is hard to focus on what is actually happening outside my household. It is hard to focus on real things that happen; death, disease and danger.

My intention of writing this post wasn’t to make you guys depressed but to be more informed about the reality of existence. I know it might make you feel ‘off’ a bit at least but I think it was good to share this with you guys because we can’t be blind of what is happening around us and need to eventually accept it. It is not easy, I know it is hard for me to digest but by being down to earth is the right and best way to go. Though it hurts.

Originally Published on the 6th of November, 2017.


  1. Yes..!! Life is so much terrible and beautiful at a same time sometimes.. When we are in our cocoon we don’t get to know whats happening outside. Just being around hospital teaches us alot. I have wrote a post on that do check out. I used to be at hospital when my grandpa was admitted

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    1. Hello turning20web, that’s true life can be terrible and beautiful! Sigh…. unfortunately that’s life. Being in the hospital definitely teaches us stuff, especially on impermanence of this body we call ‘ours’! Omg really? I’ll check your post out, x Doni


    1. I am so sorry you had to experience such discomfort. My discomfort is not even comparable to yours. I am so sorry to hear that, I send you my deepest sympathy.
      Indeed, we never know when and where. One of my old family friends passed a way a few months ago. She was someone we least expect to pass away at a relatively young age. Sigh. 😦

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