To relieve someone’s hunger – isn’t that a great feeling?

Today I would like to share with you TWO acts of kindness I have done in the past few days. These acts are shared to inspire you to do good deeds!


Cockatoo & Crackers

A few days ago, a cockatoo came to my backyard. It was sitting on top of the garden shelter (not sure the actual name). I think the same cockatoo visited our garden before and we have given it some snacks.

This time, it was just sitting there and I thought it would be nice to give it some snacks. I broke some crackers into small pieces and threw it on the garden grass. A few minutes later, it flew down and ate the crackers with its feet. It is not easy for animals to find food especially in the heat. To give them food saves them time and sweat!

The Mouse and the Strawberry

Before the cockatoo came to the ground to eat the crackers, I threw a strawberry which rolled far away from the crackers. I think the cockatoo forgot about the strawberry so it just ate the crackers. The strawberry was still there when the cockatoo departed. A few minutes later, I looked for the strawberry but it was gone. It was near the square garden drain. I have a strong suspicion that one of the mice got the strawberry! We have seen several mice crawl up the drain to eat the rice we put for the birds. There is a possibility that one of the mice got the strawberry! I think a mice family lives in that drain, because I saw two small mice and one big one come out of the drain before. It could be a mother and its children. Would you feel good if your strawberry relieved the hunger of a mice family? To relieve someone’s hunger = a great feeling to experience!

Thought I share this with you. You don’t need a huge sum of money to make some difference to the things around you. It can start with even a small piece of rice to an ant! Do good things as much as you can, big or small. Even small things will add up to a big thing as time goes by.

Remember to do a good deed before you go to bed today~!



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