Many people forget the reality of a birthday – the day one was born. The older you get, the closer one is to death. One must understand this, not get depressed. Else, one is depressed of the reality of this world.

By understanding this, one can attend death as a natural process and may reduce sudden fear when it arises. Whilst you are alive, do good deeds. Write it down if you cannot remember them. Make it in your memory.

On your birthday, do a meritorious deed. Donate to a charity, buy food for the homeless, donate clothing or even cook for the whole family! It is the good deeds that makes life full of happiness and release.

On my previous birthday, I donated to a charity and when I look back, I remember what I did for that certain birthday. The feeling itself is priceless. Give as much as you can, as it consumes yourself with happiness.


  1. These are priceless suggestions. I see more and more people doing such things. Many times, lately, online friends have come to me with requests for donations to a favourite cause, and become angry when I didn’t have the money to give. I want to be able to serve, on my birthday, and on all days, yet without judgement of others.

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