What is beauty?

Most think beauty is what we see from the outside.

Most people think beauty is appearance.

Is beauty all about what we see external?


Body shape.

Skin type.

Perfect eyes.


Perfect mouth.

Perfect linage of the brows.

Perfect teeth.


Is that statement true?


If that is true,

when one ages

and their once ‘beautiful’ appearance

degrades – where is the beauty?


Would we call that individual

still beautiful?


If someone has a beautiful face

but has a grotesque personality

would we say this person

is beautiful?


What matters?

External beauty or internal beauty?

I believe internal beauty is

personal characteristics

and the nature of the mind.


If one has a nice personality,

kind to others

respect others

help others

lives a life

harming no one

would you call this person beautiful?


What if this person has no

striking appearence

like those models on tv?


If one is good in morals

but not the most attractive

in appearence

can we call that individual beautiful?


What do you say?

Defining beauty is indeed a hard task.

But not a hard task to the wise.


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