Gossip is toxic. It is like a matchstick, wherever it lights up – spreads quickly and hurts where it burns.

Gossip has the potential to end a relationship. It can shred someone’s tears. It can cause conflict between two parties. It can destroy someone’s reputation and dignity. There is no good in bad. Gossip is useless speech. It only harms, not protects.


    1. Wow what a surprise, Maya! 😀 Nice to see you back to WordPress =) Awww thank you! I was thinking deeply about gossip when I wrote the quote, because I have witnessed how it can cause conflict between two parties!

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      1. really? oh yeah, soooo sorrryyy for the late response, Im not online often….. I’ll totally watch it! 🙂 also, I delete some of my blogs and create a website/blog on something else, perhaps something based on Youtube, movies, and TV..


      2. Hey Maya! 🙂 No worries, that’s fine 🙂 Thank you! Really? Awww 😦 I will respect your choice. The blog you newly created, you could send me a link so I can check it out 🙂

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    1. Hey Maya! Na the url is fine 🙂
      Not sure if you saw my recent post about my follow bug, so pretty much I am unable to follow anyone 😦 I am unable to do this for more than a month. Sorry I could not support with you. Hopefully this issue gets fixed :/

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