What is not natural

is poison.

What is not new

is poison.


What is evil,

is poison.


What is made with ill thoughts,

is poison.


What causes illusion,

is poison.


What results obesity,

is poison.


What misleads,

is poison.


What destroys lives,

is poison.


What causes ignorance,

is poison,


What destroys relationships,

is poison.


What hinders mindfulness,

is poison.


      1. Hey Mr Hussein! 🙂 T hank you for your nice comment! That’s good you are well, keep it up! =) I got a summer unit soooo…. it is complicated and is a bit difficult trying to do it since it is online and I’m at home lol 😛 Hope you have a good day!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I know how hard to study while it is warm outside, weather sometimes reflects on us. But if we don’t have a choice, we will then take an action to alleviate our tasks. No problem, if that would be difficult, divide it into simple tasks according your priorities. You know in my country is cold and rainy days we have here 😀


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