Today I was helping my mother clean the house. I cleaned the kitchen sink, washed the dirty cooking equipment and tidied the living room and dining area. My mother then wanted me to get the mop from the backyard so I took some slippers and went out.

Under a towel rack (where we usually put our mats and rugs) was some sort of animal covered with moving ants. When I came closer to it, it was a bird. A dead bird. But not just a normal bird, a young one.

The bird wasn’t so young, could be called a 10 year old human. A relatively young bird but probably need the care of its mother. I wasn’t sure of the species of bird. It wasn’t that recognisable. I told mom and she took the body and put it in the bin. My mom was upset seeing such sight. Our family loves animals. It is obviously sad to see them pass away.

It has been raining heavily these days and perhaps, the rain may have caused its death. We have no idea obviously. Later in the day, as normal – we put rice for the birds. We always put rice for the birds to eat and a relatively big amount of birds come. Maybe around 20 birds, mostly pigeons.

While they eat, one pigeon looked like it was looking for something. My mom suspected it to be the dead bird’s mother. I doubted it then but later in the day, the same pigeon arrived and was looking for something.

Though I cannot confirm it 100%, I had a big feeling that the pigeon was the mother of the dead young bird. Seeing this was very sad.Β Yes it is a animal but they have the same feelings as us. When they lose their loved ones, sorrow is experienced. This poor pigeon mom obviously doesn’t know the young bird died and still looking for it. Since we put the dead bird in the bin, the mom obviously doesn’t know where it is. My mom was planning on put it back for the mom to see but she thinks it might upset the mom more.

Death of a child is simply a nightmare for a mother. Seeing this incident made me think about my own mother. Mothers are such loving beings. Their love cannot be compared to anyone in this world. It is pure and unconditional. Value your mother’s presence everyday because in reality, mothers are impermanent. So are you.


    1. Thank you k’skitchenchronicles for your lovely comment! It feels great to relieve the hunger of the birds that visit our backyard for rice πŸ™‚ I even saw two mice eating rice too today! haha It is very sad about the pigeon mom, losing its baby 😦 My mom was emotional because she can understand how hard it could be if she lost her child like that, it is universal to all mothers in this world. 😦

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  1. Reading this post reminded me how lucky I am to have my mother. I too love animals and I am so glad that you guys take such good care of the birds. πŸ™‚

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    1. Indeed! Having a mother is privilege! They can never be replaced because they are so rare in quality and love! Awww thank you! It is our pleasure to feed them food. Unfortunately, the pigeon mother came today again, searching for its baby 😦

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    1. Hey Sneha Modi! Thank you so much for your nice comment! πŸ™‚ Indeed, a mother’s love is so unconditional and pure! 😦 Thank you so much for the follow! I am currently having a issue with my follow function but when that sorts out I will follow you back! πŸ˜€

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