When I was small, I was hopeless. I was dependent on the help and instructions of my parents. And they helped me. They cared for me. They gave me what I need. They gave me unconditional love. They were there regardless of the situation.

If I failed something, they may be angry for a small time but would still never desert me and would do something to improve my bad situation. I can never pay back the dedication and love my parents have given me. Even in this life, I cannot pay such immense debt.

Source: CNN

It is my duty as a child to help my parents. There are no excuses. Circumstances should not be a barrier to help them. As long as it is a priority, it can be done. Make helping your parents a priority.

Circumstances may be tough but one who cares for them regardless wins a battle hard to win. How you treat your parents will determine how your children will treat you. Unfortunately, parents are impermanent. You should not wait for their death to truly understand their value. Understand their value now because time is ticking.

Nothing in certain. Take care of them now else you will strongly regret later. Parents are worthy of worship, worthy of duty, worthy of care more than anyone else in this world. No one can replace them.

Source: Live Strong

From the knees to the feet, my mother’s feet hurt. She can’t sleep because of the pain. And the best thing I can do for her, to relieve her pain is to massage her legs nearly everyday.  I have massaged my mother’s feet for more than six months now and man, to see her fall asleep whilst massaging, is nice feeling hard to describe.

I was influenced by my sister who would massage my mother’s legs nearly everyday. But now that she is working, it is hard for her to do so. Because I am still a student, I have time to fulfil this duty. I need to make sure I massage my mother’s leg every day so that she can sleep with less pain.

And it is not easy obviously. We sleep relatively late and I do want to sleep but I also need to massage my mom’s legs. But if I go to sleep without massaging, I would feel so guilty! I try to do it as much as I can because simply, it is worth it. My parents didn’t think much about how difficult it is to raise a child, but they did it anyway because their love is pure.

Apologies for the long post, it was longer than I expected but that’s technically it, my act of kindness which is happening for more than six months now. May this post inspire you to help your parents.

Kind regards,



  1. Doni, im touched after reading this…and happy that in today’s selfish world where children when they grow up put up their parents in old age homes or grow tired of them…we have people like you! It’s our duty to look after our parents and more than duty there should be love and affection which should drive us to care for them when they need us the most! As it’s said, under a mother’s feet lies the heaven and father is the gateway to the heaven. We really need to shower all our love on them as long as they are with us. Otherwise we will always regret it when they are gone forever.
    Thank you sharing this! I am so happy to know such a wonderful and kind person like you!!!

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