Your family, your house, your net worth may be important to you but you must understand that it does not come with you beyond your death. It remains like the earth it self. Despite the deaths occurring every day, the earth remains unmoved. Therefore, the wise one breaks the bonds now.

They erase greed to such material possessions, knowing their true impermanence. Reducing greed does not only mean giving them up physically but giving it up in your mind. Make up your mind. You can experience happiness with those material possessions whilst you are alive but make sure your mind is shaped to the point you are not attached and full of greed which may seem impossible because humans are sentiment beings.

When one erases the attachment/greed to material possessions mentally, they will be able to pass away a empty minded and peaceful mind. Those who are full of greed moan, groan when death arises and pass away with sorrow. Don’t do this common mistake. Break the bonds now. We are all capable. We just need to strive.

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