Who is a real friend? What kind of characteristics do they possess?

real friend is someone;

  • who is moral
  • who follows moral
  • who discourages immoral behaviour
  • who does not encourage immoral behaviour
  • who encourages moral behaviour
  • who is humble
  • who is caring
  • who is intellignet
  • who is free from irrational thinking
  • who is not selfish
  • who is selfless
  • who is understanding
  • who is not irrational
  • who is not dogmatic
  • who is truthful
  • who does not lie
  • who does not insult others
  • who does not kill or harm others

There are of course many characteristics of a real friend!

The main message here is; a real friend is someone who does not encourage bad actions and encourages you to do good actions.


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