When one says something mean to someone else, they do not know the emotional damage they have done to that person. It scars them. It becomes a constant thought in their mind. It can cause them to weep. Feel insecure. Feel emotional. You never know, one word can break someone’s mind. Be cautious of every word you let out.


    1. Hello shalini! Thank you! 😀 This was something I just experienced and I thought I share a quote based on my experience because honestly, if someone says something rude to you, it hurts emotionally! Thanks for your comment, gorgeous x

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    1. Woah you always write epic comments – so meaningful! Thanks for your comment, righteousbruin9! 🙂 That is so true, some people sometimes do not even bother read any of that e.g. face, body language etc. and just say whatever despite the potential damage they can do.

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    1. That’s so true ortensia72! It’s unfortunately something most people even me forget to take note before speaking! The mouth comes first before mind! also thank you so much for the follow back and likes! Hope my blog is ok! I know yours will be awesome! 💪🏽

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      1. That is a big compliment 😍your blog is prefect because it is you.like me you share your thoughts……this should never been wrong…unless are mean thoughts but even there there are a huge variety of mean thoughts not all bad😉thank you for following too my dear and to take time to read me❤️


      2. Hello ortensia72! My pleasure! Your blog is mature, humourous and detailed! I found your blog through Hussein’s blog and thought his friends would be great too! And I was right! Haha! Keep up the good work! ❤️😇👋

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