Have you heard people kill others for money? Have you heard people do inappropriate actions for money? Unfortunately, bad actions are done in return of money. Do evil is never a characteristic of a real human.


  1. Hey Hussein!
    Thank you for your comment! I own up my fault!
    You are right, animals are sincere to each other than most humans.
    I guess when I wrote the post I was focusing on bad characteristics of animals, which is obviously bias. I can’t explain properly what I was thinking but thank you for your comment, I just learnt I need to be more careful with what I say next time 😛 Thank you for your input =) In fact, I removed that part of the paragraph but now that I read it, it was a unnecessary comment and was not 100% true since animals have good and bad characteristics just like humans

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    1. Also Hussein, I have heard that in the future (not that long to come :P), humans will become worse than animals! 0_0 No morals, no shame, no dignity, corruption – from what I see now days it is very possible! 😛
      What I like about animals, more specifically dogs is that they appreciate what we do for them unlike humans, its not that common for someone to appreciate what you did for them! 😛

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      1. Anything is possible, it might happen, when we see humans killing each other with no remorse or mercy, it means life reached its lowest point due to humans’ deeds. Your point stands well in the right way, Doni! Have a great weekend!❤️

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