Can you relate? You just ate something yummy and then you crave to eat another piece? It is hard I know, to stop such habit. But one who stops the habit, wins one craving battle! Develop good habits like that else, if you keep doing the habit – it may become close to permanent! So strive! Aim to remove bad habits!


      1. Hi…!! Pani puri is the snacks sort off (a savoury) which everyone loves to eat. They are called “golgappas” as well. A spicy tamarind water is filled in the puri(it can be made out of wheat flour or else ‘maida’ maida is which we put in cake and pizza.. Which it is made of…. The panipuris are sold on roadside ‘thelas’ stalls… You must try it if you ever come across… πŸ‘Œ

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