Parents are valuable beings. Their love is so unconditional and pure and cannot be compared or scaled equal to anyone else in this world. However, one sad fact is that they are impermanent like everything else in this world. They are subject to aging, disease and death. Take care of your parents whilst they are alive else you’ll be regretting it for the rest of your life.

How you treat your parents will determine how your children will treat you. Most children are concerned about their own families and purposely ignore their duties to help their own parents. No child is free from the duty of caring for their parents. Your parents could’ve aborted you, your parents could’ve threw you in the bin when you were born (many incidents in reality – but they didn’t right? Because they love you. So shall you do the same. Caring for them is a way of saying thank you though you can never thank them enough because their dedication is so rare and pure.


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