It is getting hot in the country I’m living in! And maybe due to that, animals (more like insects) probably favour coming inside the households of humans! But unlike ‘most evil humans’ I try my best to not attempt to harm any being I come across in my house, despite how terrifying they may be e.g. spiders.

This month I came across two spiders, in different occasions obviously. In this post I will be sharing with you two acts of kindness;

#1 Spider

I’ll call this spider ‘Jeffery’. I don’t know why but I find that name funny and cute! The first one was under the dining table and wondering around as if it knew where it is going! It wasn’t’ that big, fortunately!

I doubt it knew where it was going because a ‘human household’ is such a foreign environment for animals! But anyway, I decided to get a clear container and trap the spider inside it. I made sure the container didn’t land on its feet, how painful would it be to cut off your legs from some sharp plastic?

To understand animals, you must put yourself ‘mentally’ in their positions and see what kind of pain they may feel. Same applies for humans, you got to mentally ‘put’ yourself in their shoes. Otherwise, I doubt you’ll be able to understand.

That’s probably why most people just step on spiders and other bugs without any compassion and kindness. How would you feel if someone stepped on you? Imagine a big metal solid heavy box landing on you, crushing your bones, organs, face etc?

So in conclusion, I put the spider outside safely! If I kept it in my house, chances are it will die of starvation and no water. I can give them those facilities but nothing beats the natural environment they usually live in – the garden!

#2 Spider

I’ll call this spider Brutus (lol random!) The second one was hard to trap because it was bigger (terrifying) and was constantly moving towards the edges of the staircase which really does not help!

It would be easier to trap if it was on the centre of the staircase. Sigh. But every effort is worth it. Managed to trap it and let it out! Wait, I think my sister put it out because I couldn’t – it was a team effort regardless! 😛 As I said before, if it stayed in my house chances are it will die.


I am happy to save these beings from death, though not permanently but every effort is valuable.  Please do not kill animals, it values life as much as you do.

Why do birds run away when you come closer? They have fear. They fear that their life will be harmed. Be more compassionate. Be more understanding. The one who is kind to everyone will be protected by their own kindness. Animals do not harm human beings who have kindness.

I hope this act I committed inspired you to save a life. One of my goals is to save a cow from death! I think around $100 will be required to release them from death but when I get a job, I hope to contribute to such great deed!

Bye (for now)!



    1. You are such a great person! Way to go, Capili! Apart from people in my house, I haven’t heard someone not harm any animal and put it outside! You are awesome! =) A great role model to all! =)

      Liked by 1 person

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