A mother’s patience is pure.

She cried

because she had enough.

The emotions that was trapped

in her mind

came out of her mouth.


The words ended with sobbing.

Sobbing has become her life.

There is barely any peace for her.


Despite the occasional smiles and laughs,

life has been sucked out

as a result of her painful past.


She fights,

despite this.

She fights because of her love to her children.

She is willing to do anything,

even if her hands and legs

are in pain. 


Problems seem to not end.

They seem constant,

when one ends,

another begins.


No peace of mind.

But she is patient.

She learnt the importance of patience

from her passed away mother.
And as a result of this innocent woman’s patience, 

she managed to give a sustainable life

to her children.


Her children is her possession,

her only possession 

which she protected for many years

through pain and sorrow.


However, despite the flames

she is feeling,

she can be happy

of the fact

that her eldest daughter

is a lifesaver 

of the diseased (doctor).


She can also be happy 

of the fact that

her children 

are well behaved

and attempt to treat her well.


Educating her children,

is a dream

like most mothers.


From education,

she hopes her children’s lives

become colourful of success.


If it wasn’t for her patience,

this dream would 

remain a dream.


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