People are hidden in their own ignorant thoughts,

They think less of aging,

They think less of possible disease,

They think less of death which can occur any moment.

As a result, they take their time,

waste time like there is no end.

And once the door opens, 

the death door,

they get frightened, 

they moan,

they hope that it will not end.


But in reality, 

there is a end

and one must leave this world

despite if they like it or not.


The most accurate statement is this;

one who is born must die.

No one will stay here forever.


Hear the writing being read out loud!


Hey everyone!

When I was in high school, in my junior years I really enjoyed writing poems. However, I am not sure if this is a poem. But despite this, this piece of writing reflects my thoughts – how death is often ignored and once closer to it, everyone panics. Despite the gloominess of this poem, hope you get something out of it! Obviously I’m not a pro, hoping to improve overtime hopefully! 🙂 Share your thoughts below!

Bye (for now)




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