Despite the personality of your teacher, from your past, present or future – respect them regardless. Because they can be the reason you are standing in the place you always wanted. Education is a big fuel for our lives, teachers provide us a candle – teaches us the things that can help us live life better.

The fuel of knowledge is such strength to us. You may not appreciate their work now but later you’ll understand and feel grateful. Respect them like your parents.

When I look back at my high school experience, compared to my actual ‘friends’ my teachers were the ones who made my experience smooth. They helped me unconditionally like parents. They helped me stay strong. Their presence was comforting. I appreciate the help they gave me. They didn’t have to take a extra step to help me but they did hence, I respect them for their unconditional dedication and kindness.

It is #backtoschool season so I guess it is good to remind you about this!

Bye (for now)



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