Do you feel like no one cares about you?
Do you feel like no one bothers to listen to you?
Do you feel like it is best to not to exist?

Do you feel like there is no answer.
Do you feel like you are always in darkness.
Do you feel like you are in flames.
Do you feel like there is no purpose when you wake up.
Do you feel like that the present situation is permanent.
Do you feel like the pain in the mind is powerful.
Do you feel like the whole world is against you.
Do you feel like no one would care if you stopped existing.
Do you feel like the knife you are holding is the answer.

All of these feelings you experienced can be reduced if you actually talk to someone. Isolating yourself away from others will make the situation worse. You may think there is no one who thinks about you but trust me, there are – the thing is, you just got to find the right people.

The problem and the answer is within you. Your choices determine the result. You got to be positive despite the negative things that you may experience everyday. Mental strength is what makes you alive, not physical strength. You just need to stay strong despite the situation.

I experienced the worst and I am still living. Not because of anyone or anything but because I made the negative to a somewhat positive and lifted myself up. Lift yourself, is the best blessing.

The person you should depend on should be yourself.

May this message be a inspiration to all,



    1. Sifar, I am so sorry you have those feelings too! 😦 Are you okay? Would you like to talk about it? I am here if you need to chat. No matter what, keep strong because such feelings are honestly temporary. x


      1. I am happy you are doing good 🙂 Aww really? Hope it is 100% gone! My pleasure, Sifar! I am the usual 😛 Started a summer subject and staying home, blogging pretty immoderately lol 😛 Hope things are going well and keep awesome! – Doni

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      2. Hey Sifar! ❤ Awesome, glad you are feeling back to your true self! Keep it up! I'm staying at home, getting boring now. My last message I was doing psychology online but now, I am no longer doing it 😛 I decided to withdraw it – many reasons but one of the reasons is the content is too much and I'm busy with other household duties so not that practical to implement so yeah. Unfortunately yet, I haven't uploaded a video for a while, I am not sure what to post. I want to make sure it is useful and not just waffling. I am hoping to get back to it soon, just need to find some ideas and create a video, I will post a announcement when a video is uploaded. Now that you asked about my youtube channel, I feel motivated to make a new video hah thank you, Sifar! 😛

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      3. Happy New Year Doni!!!!! how did you celebrate??im so looking forward to new year…..2017 was so bad!!
        you like psychology? i never studied it but it kind of intrigues me to read about it more….
        yeah keep doing the stuff you started else it will lag so far behind that it will be difficult to catch up!

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    1. OMG no thank you! I am glad that my words have helped you in some way! You are not alone, no one is alone in this battle. We just need to keep strong despite how uncomfortable a circumstance is, because simply circumstances are impermanent. I realised the day you cry now, later you will smile. It does get better. What keeps us alive is patience, keep strong. It is obviously not easy but one who keeps strong, like they say wins a battle hard to win.

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      1. Thank you for the kind message Doni! I’m not too bad, I’ve definitely missed being in this community 🙂 That’s awesome to hear, looking forward to seeing great posts from you!

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