Sometimes people forget the purpose of wearing clothes – that is, to cover embarrassing parts of the body (not to reveal it). Revealing this body is not showing beauty, but a poor and disgusting sight.

One should possess shame and embarrassment, without these they could do anything indecent. Wear elegant, covered, decent clothing. You would look more beautiful than a inappropriately dressed person.


  1. You know. Agreed with you, Doni and nicely put. In islam women have to cover whole of her body from top to toe in the purpose for being decent. Why people this time are exposed to sex embarrassment due to the way of their wearing to clothes. Modern age makes wonders but not for positive but to negative. Well done to note!

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    1. Indeed, Islamic women wear decent clothing. Clothing is used to cover embarrassing parts of the body, not to reveal it! Society these days are degrading in morals and shame. In a few years, it would be normal to wear nothing. There is no hope for humanity LOL!

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