Thank you so much everyone – reaching 50+ followers wouldn’t have been easy if it weren’t for your ongoing loyalty and support!

I don’t know what else to say but thank you! I am very glad to come across wordpress and to meet such a lovely community! You guys were a reason for me to smile today, I thank you very much for this.

Kind regards,



  1. CONGRATS DONIII I’m literally so happy for you (but you deserve so many moree) you’re just one of the KINDEST people I’ve met from blogging and your frequent posts and inspiration is amazzing (and I’m super super super excited for a youtube happen if that happens eeek ) 😀 ❤ ❤ Have a great day Doni and here's to the next 50! 😉

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    1. Thank you so much Tabi for your lovely comment as always! ❤ I really appreciate it. I am happy to hear that you are looking forward for a youtube video from me! Thank you so much for your support! You are simply awesome!

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