Many people overreact (even me)! But then, when something happens which is better than we feared, we may ponder the usefulness of overreacting! Keep calm, take a break and try to think of whatever situation. Easy to say than to do but who cares, try it and hopefully you experience some peace.


    1. Hey Sifar! 😀 Oh no you were following me for my previous blog but now that I deleted my previous blog and got a new one, my followers had to refollow me LOL Sorry about that! Sorry for the confusion! 😛

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      1. Omg….so what happened was someone liked my old post and i saw you had also liked it and i remembered yes we did communicate…but i dont get any notification of new posts now so i checked and found i am not following you even!! Which confused me because i very vividly remember that ‘dhoni’ conversation we had…so i was puzzled..and thought maybe you unfollowed me 😞…and i was wondering what i may have said to offend you…all this has been going on at the back of my mind since then!!..haha…thanks for clarification!!i can breathe easy now!! 😌 Why you did this?? Without any notification!! 🤔 Was everything ok with you?…maybe i will get answer in this new blog of yours!…let me follow you again now! And dont disappear this time!!! 😊

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      2. Hey Sifar! What a story! I am happy to hear that you actually remember me and my blog! ❤ I thought people wouldn't care about my existence! This actually means something to me, thank you so much Sifar! Hahaha I rememeber too – the Dhoni convo – famous Indian cricketer! haha! OMG you said nothing that would have offended me, relax! ❤ I am so sorry for your confusion! I am full of indecision and can have very random behaviour! Sorry Sifar, I deleted my previous blog becuase I thought my blog was useless – went in one of those moods :/ And then a few weeks later, regretted my decision and created a new blog! Sigh…. 😦 Hopefully I don't disappear again! 😛 Thank you so much for being a lovely and loyal follower, I just remember how lovely you guys are in wordpress – thank you for making my experience a plesant one! x


      3. Haha…yeah see we all remembered you!! Don’t know what made you do it…or maybe it was some other event which resulted in your blog deletion decision as a side-effect!…it happens with many people when we allow those negative thoughts to growup larger than they should be…and make us behave randomly or impulsively! And then we later regret that decision…. thankfully in this case there was a way to reconnect but may not happen always in other aspects of life…so please stay positive and dont disappear again and in life too dont let the indecisions or moments of confusion or panic ruin something which is actually going good!! 😊…wish you all the best!!

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      4. Thank you so much Sifar! Aww it was nice to read this message now! I appreciate it! ❤ Thank you so much for understanding my situation, I am grateful to be friends with nice understanding people like you here on wordpress! 😀 Thank you so much Sifar! Kind regards, Doni

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      5. You are most welcome Doni!! And yes it’s great to connect with you!! Hope to see much more blogs from you! Stay happy and positive always!! And next time whenever you have mood swings, remember to use the ‘helicopter shot’ and hit them out of the boundary!! 😁😁

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