Generosity is not giving me that which I need more than you do, but it is giving me that which you need more than I doKhalil Gibran

Before I start, let me ask you a question: did you do something good today?  If yes – what a great achievement! If not, why not? Why are you not doing something meritorious? It is fun and you experience a great feeling once it is done.

I think the happiness we develop from giving is pure. If I look back at my past, when I gave something to someone I would feel happy, feel like I did a difference, a positive difference. It is hard to describe. Giving makes me feel positive and I just wish I had more wealth to give! Giving was a habit I developed throughout my childhood and when possible, I try to find a way to give. When we make others happy, we become happy!

Thought I start a new series of posts = Act of Kindness. Whenever I do something nice, I would try to share it with you. Hopefully the warmth of my good deed lightens you up and motivate you to do a generous act too!

Moving on. My act of kindness occurred at the shopping centre (mall).

After my tutorial today, I went to the shopping centre. I brought a nice big croissant for my mom, a biscuit packet (because there is no biscuits for tea at home!) and a chocolate bar (for me to eat on the way home). After I brought my chocolate bar and prepared to head off back home, I saw a old man. The old man was sitting close to the floor and there was some coins near him, which people have placed for him.

He was looking down while sitting down. It made me feel sad. Poor person! I then took my wallet and took some loose cash to give him. But before I gave it to him, I was thinking of giving him my chocolate bar as well. I was sort of hungry at the time and that’s why I brought the chocolate bar but I felt like giving the chocolate bar to the poor man was better than eating it myself.

There is food at home and I can wait. But this man, chances are he struggles to get a proper meal everyday. You never know so I placed the coins on where the coin pile was and then put the chocolate bar. Once the man saw the chocolate bar, he looked up – surprised! I smiled and bowed (I bow to show my respect to elders) and walked off home. I keep on remembering what happened today – it feels great. To cure someone’s hunger for some bit is a great achievement for me. It is a good deed. I must strive to do more.

May you find the opportunity to give, despite size or quantity.



  1. This is amazing! It’s so true, doing something nice for someone else makes you happy! When I was in Germany there were lot’s of people doing music on the streets and I tried to give everyone a bit of money. All of them smiled when I did it and it makes you feel amazing! I Love this post! xxx

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    1. You lovely person, Rosinalee! 😀 That is great, keep it up girl! You are a great example of society today! Generousy is a great characteristic to have! It is annoying when you spot a poor person but unable to give anything to them cuz you don’t have loose cash! 😦

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