Hey, it’s Doni 😛 You guys proably were wondering the following things;

  • Why my posts are not appearing in your feed?
  • Why did I follow you when you thought I was already following you?
  • How did I unfollow Doni W when I thought I was already following them?

You could think many things but hopefully the following clears up your confusion;

I deleted my previous quote blog called @dwquotes beginning of last month I think. The reason itself may come across unclear so I won’t bother give you guys a explanation however, I would like to say that one of the reasons is because I felt like my blog was useless and it wasn’t really going anywhere.

So after the deletion of my blog: a few weeks later I started regretting my decision. And obviously, I am NOW back! I am aiming to ensure this blog is more organised and post relevant content where possible. I hope this time it goes well! Not blogging was kind of weird as it became a hobby and now, I am glad to be back to interact with a lovely community of people with similar interests and personalities.

Thank you for your ongoing support & friendship,

Kind regards,



  1. Welcome back Doni… And I guess it’s the second time you are doing this after we met in WordPress… Don t feel bad, realizations are important… Hope you did good in your exams… Happy Blogging.

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    1. Hi Nima! OMG I know right – two times! 😦 I am full of indecision, it is something I really need to improve on. Thank you so much, two of the exams was good and the last on wasn’t the best 😛 Thank you Nima! ❤

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